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May. 16th, 2010

sword hilt and blade

Fun at Leprecon 36!

I had been waiting for this event for over a year since I first learned of it on George R. R. Martin's website.  My first Sci Fi and Fantasy convention with GRRM as guest of honor did not disappoint.  Not only did it allow me an opportunity to share my novelette with fans of fantasy ficion, I was able to meet my favorite author and get him to sign my first edition of A Game of Thrones. 

I was really looking forward to the Guest of Honor presentation for GRRM as well as the party that was being thrown for him by the Brothers without Banners, but unfortunately, parent obligations reared (mother-in-law was unable to hold down the fort) and I had to leave the convention at mid-day Saturday.

Although I probably missed out on many more opportunities to meet wonderful people and rub elbows with GRRM, I cannot complain.  I enjoyed a convention that I will never forget.

Aug. 31st, 2009

sword hilt and blade

Yeah a Real Blog!

I finally got my shit together and subscribed to a blog website. I'm on the cutting edge of technology but when it comes to simple things like a blog, I'm completely in the dark. I was actually registering for someone else's blog (George R.R. Martin, aka best writer alive). In the process, I signed up for my own blog by just registering for his! I know, don't laugh. It was new to me. : )

Hope you enjoy the new blog - feel free to post to your heart's content with these restrictions in mind: No advertisements.  They will be deleted.  No off topic or racist posts.  These too will be deleted. Enjoy!

Aug. 27th, 2009

sword hilt and blade

The Siege at Castle Kenrik has a New Name!

So what is this new name you might ask? The Cold Kiss of Steel. Yep that's right. I gave it the name I was going to give its sequel.

I recently realized that in order to write the story I wanted to, I was going to be just outside of novella territory and into short novel. That just would not do. If I'm going to write a novel, I'm going to write a NOVEL.

This got me to thinking that the name for the sequel actually is more fitting for the first book in the series. I have changed the name to the sequel and it is now called, "The Cold Arms of Death's Embrace."

I am currently reworking the outline for The Cold Kiss of Steel (formerly known as The Siege - and no I'm not hopping on Prince's bandwagon) to include several new chapters. My goal is to finish somewhere around 80,000 words. I am currently at 13,000 words (that's 16% complete for those keeping score at home).

I have been writing quite a lot lately and I owe a lot of it to my good friend Ed Wilson, aka Choate. He read the outline for the entire story and strongly encouraged me to finish the book. After that I made a point to make time for my writing (a lot more productive than making excuses).

I am now writing every morning for at least an hour no matter what. Even if it means I have to wake up an hour before any obligations. I'm on day 7 in a row of keeping up this routine and I've doubled more than half of my original output. Won't be long now before I'm announcing the novel is complete!